Community Development

Community Development

FFC actively engages with the communities where we operate. We have a community incentive program with La Venturosa that provides supplies and education aimed at seeking the community’s cooperation in the regulation and control of grass burning, which they previously saw as necessary to meet their agricultural needs. 

Arts and Culture

For the last four years, FFC has brought in an NGO from Bogota, Fundacion Artes Sin Fronteras, to run a two-week arts and culture children’s program. As part of the program, children create artwork for an annual calendar. In 2019 the theme was “Peace”, which aligns with the Colombian government’s peace accord efforts. The children also participated in drama camps resulting in two performances, which was a big hit for both the children and for the adults in attendance.

Arts and Culture
sports and recreation

Sports and Recreation

Every year FFC hosts a soccer tournament, which is one of the big social events in the region. There are separate teams for men, women, and children, and we feed and entertain all attendees. Last year we had over 400 people as our guests. We also co-host an annual Arts Week at the local school to bring in art, music, theater, and dance courses for the children.

Safety, Security and Decriminalization

FFC engages frequently with local community representatives from La Venturosa, through meetings which are held at the local Police Inspectors office. During these meetings a wide range of topics are covered from local activities, problems in the community and short and medium-term needs of the community.

These agreements are managed by the Security Manager to ensure that the area remains lawful, and free from transitory criminal activity. This mutually beneficial agreement has us assisting the lawful authorities in monitoring the area, while they in turn ensure enforcement activities are available if necessary.


Through the community events and activities that we fund, we help to connect people in our area with each other to build a stronger community, to celebrate Colombian arts and culture, to facilitate learning and the sharing of ideas, and to provide an opportunity for people in the community to identify ways they can help each other.