The health of our employees and communities has a direct impact on our operations, which affects absenteeism and productivity. We are committed to improving healthcare outcomes.

Investing in Health Care

FFC sponsored a clinic in La Venturosa that provides our workers with the medical attention they need and provides the local community with basic medicine. As a result, many locals saw a doctor or dentist for the first time in their lives.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), for every US$ 1 invested in scaling up interventions to address NCDs in low- and lower-middle-income countries, there will be a return to society of at least US$ 7 in increased employment, productivity and longer life. 


Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies and Access to Medical Attention

FFC purchases medical supplies every three months and is the only local provider of these supplies. Additionally, we host immunization clinics as required.


Injury Prevention

Injuries are a real risk in the forestry industry. FFC ensure that proper training and equipment are provided to our workers. For example, with the high ambient temperatures, we ensure that all staff are provided with personal protective equipment such as hats and suitable clothing.


All lost time injuries are recorded and investigated. The monthly LTIFR is recorded with zero lost time injuries as an annual target. All near misses, first aid cases (FAC) and medical treatment cases (MTC) are measured and investigated. A performance management system that encourages safe behaviour by all direct and contract employees has also been put in place.

First Aid and Emergency Response Training

We have combined the delivery of our first aid courses with our emergency response procedures training. Additionally, FFC arranged for medical personnel from the military forces to provide medical consultations in different fields as well as provide emergency response training. This approach has proven to be highly effective. As an example,  when a contract employee was bitten by a Bothrops snake workers dealt with the situation swiftly. The employee was quickly stabilized because proper protocols were in place and was able to return to work a week later.

First Aid Emergency Training

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. FFC is helping the Vichada region to make progress in this area through investing in health care in the region, purchasing medical supplies, providing access to supplies, focusing on injury prevention, and providing first aid and emergency response training.