Creating economic value for the region and for our investors and stakeholders.

This pillar focuses on FFC’s efforts to diversify and grow the local economy as well as provide support in creating local infrastructure.

The delivery of economic value is the foundation of true sustainability. 

By returning value to the shareholders we encourage further investment and by reinvesting profits into the company we support the continuation of all the positive outcomes. 

The investment in the region helps create and sustain local businesses and the local populace who now have guaranteed sources of income.




We are a vertically integrated, sustainable planted forest company.

Operating in the Vichada region of Colombia. This area provides us an opportunity to adhere to our core pillars with a focus on sustainable growth, biodiversity, and social and economic improvement. 

Local Economic Development

Improved Pasture Project, Supplier Development, Diversification, Chicken and Egg Project, and Vegetable Project


FFC recognized the importance in stimulating and supporting local entrepreneurial efforts. We believe that our active involvement in these types of projects will stimulate the wider local economy over the long term.

Local Economic Development
Local Infrastructure Development

Local Infrastructure Development

Road Networks, Loading Terminals, Schools, Communication, and Stimulating the Colombian Economy & Forestry Growth


The Vichada Region is significantly underdeveloped in terms of transport, telecommunications, electricity supply and bulk services. Historically, the area has been used for illicit drug smuggling and as such no formal infrastructure development existed.


We are certified to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VSC) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) standard through VERRA.

We voluntarily subscribe to the Nature Based Solutions Standard of the International Union for the Conservation of  Nature (IUCN). 

FFC has engaged third party consultants who are assisting us to ensure that all the necessary licenses and permits are obtained with the objective of fulfilling the requirements of the IFC’s Performance Standards. We are one of the few, if not only, forestry companies adhering to these extremely stringent standards. 

Ensuring that our land acquisitions are fully aligned with a shared value approach, FFC conducts a detailed analysis of the social, environmental, and legal aspects of every property. This includes using technology to assist us in identifying conservation areas and places that could be used for productive farm use. We search out land where we could add value, specifically degraded grasslands, and will not work in environmentally sensitive areas. When identifying potential land, FFC will only consider property that is properly titled. We acquire the rights directly from the owner and will not buy from intermediaries. This ensures that payment goes directly to the owner, that we have a full understanding of the reasons why the landowner is selling, and to ensure that no historical displacement previously took place.



Our forestry plantations provide economic opportunities in some of the most remote rural regions of Colombia. Our strategic intent is to demonstrate global leadership in forestry products by pioneering and developing sustainable plantation forestry in the Orinoquia Region of Colombia. To do this, we acknowledge the importance of continuous learning and have identified areas for improvement. Additionally, this report provides an overview on how we intend to improve our performance as well as the quality of information available to our stakeholders.


Forest First Colombia has strategically placed its operations in close proximity to waterways to facilitate the transport of its wood products, as well as to provide easier access for the delivery of supplies and equipment. These river systems provide us the opportunity to transport efficiently and at very low costs compared to other locations.