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Vichada provides us the opportunity to turn degraded land, stricken by continuous wildfires, into productive plantations benefitting from some of the best growing conditions in the world. In doing so, we provide skilled employment opportunities in the region where there is very little economic opportunity. Our planted forests are helping rehabilitate the soils, protects biodiversity, reduce erosion and improve water quality. All while achieving commercial high yield, fast growth sustainable wood fiber at a low-cost of production.

How We Operate

FFC is an FSC® certified (FSC®-C167272), vertically integrated, sustainable plantation and wood product processing business. Our near-term focus is on selling industrial lumber, fence posts and biomass in the domestic market. We are also a producer of high-quality carbon credits which are sold in the international markets.


Our operations are in the Vichada region of Colombia. To date we have planted 14,000 ha of trees on our 40,000 ha of titled land.

We have established a large-scale nursery with production capacity of approximately 10 million seedlings per year. 
6m old tree seeds

Growing + Planting

FFC uses several processes to start trees : both from seed and through cloning. In collaboration with our technical strategic partner, SAPPI, we have developed our genetics to include high quality seed, hybrids and clones ideally suited to optimize growth in the Vichada region.


We have also conducted research trials to improve our silvicultural practices in the local environment and developed infrastructure to engage in large-scale operations.


Bioenergy logs on the way to a customer.


Competitively priced wood products are in very short supply as there is almost no domestic wood processing capacity. We are currently building a sawmill and treatment plant on our premises and have long agreements in place to sell into this market.

We have access to the domestic market via low-cost barge transportation on the Meta River to Puerto Guadalupe where we then have truck-ready access to the paved national road system of Colombia.

FFC sawmill under construction

Our Products

We will be producing lumber, poles and posts – which are in high demand – and biomass fiber.

Our certified forestry plantations allow us to produce carbon removal credits that are certified by Verra under the VCS and CCB standards and are made available for sale in the voluntary markets. 

We have developed a distinctive triple bottom line investment model with positive environmental, social, and commercial benefits.