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Social and economic betterment of our employees is extremely important to us. We strive to go above “what is required” and we do what is the responsible and right thing to do. Here are some of the activities we have undertaken:

Quarter 1, 2023

•  We participated in the 40th Anniversary of the town of La Venturosa by donating food for the sports event. The celebrations included visitors from the local villages of Puerto Murillo and Aceitico.


•  We sponsored a workshop, in association with the Colombian Children Protection Agency – ICBF, around self care for the children of La Venturosa school. This was the first in a  series of workshops in which children can learn about the importance of taking care of themselves and how to do so.


• We held a workshop on community fire use, impact, and risks, in association with the National University. The objective is to promote good practices and provide support around fire management. 


• The indigenous Morichalito Matsuldani community has expressed interest in participating in new job vacancies. This is a very welcome development but many its community members have limited knowledge in preparing a CV and going through a selection process. During March, the social lead and one of our H&S coordinators helped to train community members in how to complete a CV so they are prepared when we conduct a local recruiting fair, expected in May.


• With an increased focus on indigenous peoples in Colombia, generally, we have engaged  consultant who has experience in indigenous stakeholder engagement. They help us develop our strategic plan for near term, medium term, and long term relationships with indigenous peoples in our area of influence. Initial visits by the consultant to these communities were received very positively and we received very good feedback for our proactive approach.



Quarter 4, 2022

•  As it is tradition during the Christmas season, we participated in the celebrations by donating a total of 256 gifts for the children in Venturosa, Aceitico, the indigenous community of Morichalito and ICBF, the children protection agency in Puerto Carreno. 


• We closed 2022 with extended and improved relationships at the local and regional level. We invested in increasing our internal capabilities for community and stakeholder engagement. As a result, we have an effective team articulating our messages to local and regional peoples.