Creating social and developmental 
value in our region

Este pilar se centra en la mejora social y económica de los empleados, los habitantes de las comunidades vecinas y la economía colombiana. Las áreas de impacto incluyen el empleo, la salud, la educación y el desarrollo del liderazgo comunitario.




Job Creation, Formalized Work, A Commitment to Stay Local, Training, Empowering Women, & Housing and Food


A significant percentage of our staff come from the local community, and the employment we provide is crucial to supporting livelihoods in the area.


Investing in Education & Community Education


Improving the level of education in our community has numerous benefits, including increasing the number of members of the community who are employable.


Investing in Healthcare, Medical Supplies and Medical Attention, Injury Prevention, First Aid and Emergency Response Training


FFC’s investments in healthcare infrastructure reflects our commitment to our employees and the surrounding communities.

Community Development

Arts & Culture, Sports & Recreation, Safety, Security and Decriminalization


FFC actively engages with the communities where we operate. We hold formal, documented quarterly meetings with the local council, in addition to being available to confer and assist informally when necessary.



FFC supports eight of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals relate to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and peace and justice.

FFC has a policy that forbids the use of child labour. Contractors are monitored regularly, and our inventory and other supplies are sourced from reputable manufacturers to further reduce risk. We are aware that this issue may be a possibility in the food supply chain, and where possible this will be audited.


We are committed to the protection of vulnerable categories of workers such as children, migrants, contractors, and subcontractors, thus all recruitment is done according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions. Proof of all social benefit payments is provided monthly by contractors, as required by law, prior to an FFC contractor receiving payment for work completed.

FFC employees are provided with protective safety equipment to use, as required, and that is tailored to the risks associated with the work they are required to undertake. We are encouraging our employees to adopt a safety first culture in their local communities.